Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Trainspotting Trains Stopping

The biggest cause of delays on the Dutch railway is broken down trains. 18.5% of all train disruptions in the Netherlands, since 2011, have been caused by trains breaking down. The next biggest cause of disruption to rail services is signal failure. 10.4% of train disruptions are caused by signal failure, closely followed by people being hit by trains, which caused 9.27% of all disruptions.

You can explore all the causes of disruption to train services in the Netherlands and where those disruptions occurred on the wonderful Dutch Railways Disruptions. Dutch Railways Disruptions is a fantastic visualization of what delays trains in the Netherlands and where they are disrupted. The visualization connects an interactive map with an interactive timeline and interactive radial chart.

Select a cause of disruption from the radial chart and you can view on the map where those types of disruption occurred on the rail network. For example if you select 'Accidents' on the chart you can see that the Eindhoven to Venlo section of the Dutch railway is the section where the most people have been hit by trains since 2011 (81 people have been hit by trains on this section).

If you are interested in trains then you might also like Travic. You can view Dutch trains moving in real-time on the Travic Transit Visualization Client. Travic shows trains moving in real-time on rail networks around the world - including on the Dutch rail network.

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