Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The New Hampshire Primary Results

The results are nearly all in from yesterday's Democratic primary in New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders has narrowly won the primary, just ahead of Pete Buttigieg.

CNN's Primaries & Caucuses interactive map allows you to view the results in each caucus already run (Iowa and New Hampshire so far). If you select a state from the map you can view a choropleth map of the selected state which shows the winning candidate in each electoral district. If you hover over a district on the map you can view the percentage of votes won by each candidate. The map sidebar shows the overall percentage of votes won by each candidate and the number of pledged delegates.

The New York Times' New Hampshire 2020 Primary Results includes a similar map. The Times map colors each electoral district to show the candidate with the highest share of the vote. The map also includes a view which uses scaled markers to show the size of lead the winning candidate achieved in an electoral district.

Politico has created a small multiples visualization which allows you to see at a glance the share of the vote that each candidate gained in each county in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Primary Results provides a clear picture of the tight race between Sanders and Buttigieg in the state. It also clearly shows how far Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden were behind in New Hampshire.

After the first two primaries things are looking good for Biden and Buttigieg. Things are not looking so good for Warren and Biden. However there is still a long way to go.

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