Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Is it Still Open - Part Two

Earlier this month a French interactive map was released which showed which stores were open and which were closed during the lock-down in France. Ça reste ouvert is a crowdsourced interactive map which provides information on the operating status of stores across the whole of France. The map's creators also made the code for the map freely available on GiHub so that people in other countries could make their own store maps.

Inspired by Ça reste ouvert there are now interactive maps available for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Bleibt Offen wants to help people avoid making unnecessary trips in German, Switzerland and Austria by showing which shops and stores are open and which are closed in all three countries. On the map stores marked green are open and red are closed. If the status of a business is unknown anyone can add or change the details by completing a short form. In addition to showing whether a location is open, it is also possible to optionally enter a store's opening hours and add details on whether the store delivers and / or has a take-away service.

All data added to the map is fed back into OpenStreetMap.

Bleibt offen Germany
Bleibt offen Switzerland
Bleibt offen Austria

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