Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Mapping the Past

The Hungarian Parliament Library has digitized tens of thousands images from the archives and collections of Hungarian libraries and museums. Where the images in these collections depict a recognizable location they have been added to the Hungaricana interactive map.

The Hugaricana interactive map allows you to explore thousands of vintage photographs, paintings and drawings from all around the globe. Zoom in on a location on the map and the available images are displayed on the map using clustered markers. Click on a marker and you can explore the selected image within an interactive map interface. This allows you to pan around the chosen photo or picture and zoom-in and view it in close detail.

Beneath the map you can view details about the selected image, including its date, title and the museum whose collection it belongs to.

If you are interested in exploring more vintage photographs from across the world then you might also like these maps:

Historypin - a huge collection of mapped vintage photos from around the world
the Collections of the Albert Khan Museum - photos captured by Albert Khan's team of photographers at the beginning of the 20th century
OldSF - vintage photos of San Francisco (has Google Maps licencing issues but photos still work)
OldNYC - old photographs of New York
Old Toronto - historic photos of Toronto from the City of Toronto Archives
Wymer's DC - view images of D.C. from the John P. Wymer Photograph Collection
The Yangon Time Machine - a map of vintage photographs of Yangon, Myanmar
Smapshot - historical images of Switzerland
OldAms - thousands of vintage photographs of Amsterdam
Tids Maskinen - explore photos of Norway by location & date
Helsinki Ennen - historical maps and photographs of the Finnish capital
Our Town Stories - Edinburgh - vintage photos & maps of the Scottish capital
Vintage Greece - geo-located vintage photographs and historical maps of Greece
Ajapaik - vintage photos of Estonia

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