Monday, April 27, 2020

The COVID-19 Testing Sites Locator

The COVID-19 Testing Sites Locator is an interactive map which can help you find Covid-19 Testing Sites in the United States. The map uses freely available data, taken from the websites of local governments and healthcare providers and has been compiled by volunteers from GISCorps and Coders Against COVID.

You can search for Covid-19 Testing sites near you by entering your address or zip-code. The map includes a distance control which allows you to search for facilities only within a defined distance of your home. This includes a slide control so you can easily adjust the distance to find testing facilities closer to home or to widen the search area if required.

If you select a testing site's marker on the map you can view operational details on the selected testing site. These include the site's address, whether a referral is required, the facility's opening hours, driving directions, the site's website address and the date the facility's details were last updated. If a facility's details are out-of-date or incorrect they can be updated by completing a short form.

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