Friday, April 17, 2020

Mapping Deep Impact

In these difficult times it is important to take an occasional break from the worries of a devastating global pandemic. And if there is one thing that is guaranteed to stop you stressing about viral contagion it is the threat of a massive asteroid attack.

The Asteroid Damage Visualization Map allows you to explore the catastrophic damage that would be caused by a kilometre wide asteroid landing on your house. Just enter your address into the Asteroid Damage Visualization Map and choose an asteroid size which you would like to drop on your house.  You can then see the likely damage that the asteroid would cause overlaid on an interactive map.

Concentric colored circles are used to show the different levels of damage that an asteroid would cause. If you choose an asteroid of over 1,000 kilometres in size then you don't need to worry too much about the resulting damage as you've probably just caused the eventual extinction of the human race.

The Asteroid Damage Visualization Map has obviously been inspired by the many maps which allow you to view the likely impact of a nuclear bomb. These include NUKEMAP and Ground Zero, both of which allow you to view the potential damage that a wide choice of nuclear weapons would have when dropped on locations around the world.

You can also use Outrider - Bomb Blast - which comes with some realistic looking nuclear fallout effects. Outrider - Bomb Blast allows you to choose from a range of different types of nuclear weapon and select whether you want to detonate the bomb at ground level or as an air burst. The map shows the likely radius of the fireball, radiation, shock-wave and heat zones. It also provides an estimate of the number of fatalities and injuries your nuclear weapon would cause when dropped on your location.

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