Tuesday, April 07, 2020

The Robben Island Virtual Tour

South Africa's Robben Island is home to the infamous prison where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years behind bars. The prison also housed over 3,000 other political prisoners during the Apartheid years.

The Robben Island Virtual Island Tour allows you to explore the island's historical sites using a satellite map and a number of 360 degree panoramic images. You can visit each of the landmarks using the categorized markers on the satellite map of the island. Select a colored marker and you can view a 360 degree panoramic image of the chosen site. These images are each accompanied by information about the selected location.

As well as providing a virtual tour of Robben Island the Robben Island Museum has video interviews with a number of political prisoners who were imprisoned on Robben Island between 1977 and 1991.

Google Culture's Robben Island Street View Tour also allows you to explore the Robben Island prison using Google Street View. On this guided tour former political prisoner Vusumsi Mcongo leads you through some of the Island's landmarks including a view from inside a guard tower, the hospital ward, the exercise yard and Nelson Mandela's own 2m x 2m cell. Most of these Street View scenes are accompanied by videos in which Vusumsi Mcongo explains what life was like for a prisoner locked up on Robben Island. Vusumsi Mcongo was a Freedom Fighter in the anti-Apartheid movement and was imprisoned on Robben Island from 1978-1990.

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