Monday, April 06, 2020

Is It Still Open?

In the UK only certain stores are currently allowed to remain open. These includes groceries, pharmacies, banks, bike shops and post offices. Most other types of retail outlet must remain closed. However even some stores which are still allowed to operate have taken the decision to close. Which can male it difficult for customers who really don't want to spend time outside searching for an open store.

Ça reste ouvert is a crowdsourced interactive map which provides information on which stores are staying open and which have closed in France. The map allows you to share your knowledge about which stores are still open in your neighborhood. It also allows you to search for stores open near you under a number of different categories (pharmacy, food, bank, post office etc).

On the map the stores marked green are open and the red stores are closed. The operating status of the grey stores are unknown. If you have information about a grey colored store you can add details about its opening hours using a simple form.

Currently Ça reste ouvert is only working for shops in France. However the code for the site is freely available on GiHub so hopefully crowdsourced maps of open stores will soon appear in other countries.

Via: weeklyOSM

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