Monday, December 07, 2020

Gritty McGritface - Scotland's Live Gritter Map

When winter comes, and the temperatures drop below freezing, Scotland's brave gritters take to the roads. Luke Snowalker, Grittie McVitie, the Ice Queen and the many other Scottish gritters leave their council depots, and led by the fearless Sir Salter Scott, they begin making Scotland's roads safe for all drivers. 

The Trunk Road Gritter Tracker is a real-time interactive map which allows you to view the live position of all Scotland's road gritters.The map also displays a trail behind each truck which allows you to view the age range of when the road was last gritted. If you click on the green arrows on these trails you can view how many hours ago the road was gritted.

Active gritters are shown on the map in yellow. These yellow trucks are the gritters currently in action, gritting Scotland's roads. The grey trucks are currently inactive and parked up in a council depot. The map includes a search option which allows you to quickly find an individual gritting truck by name. It is of course the wonderful names of Scotland's gritter trucks which make the Trunk Road Gritter Tracker such a popular map. My favorite is 'Gritty Gritty Bang Bang', who is currently gritting the roads of Dundee.

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