Wednesday, December 23, 2020

LeWitt Mapping

This is my LeWitt Map of London. It is a satellite image of the capital - with a white four sided polygon cut from the map. The four corners of this cut-out have been defined by four of the addresses where I have lived in the city.

Sol LeWitt was an American conceptual artist. As part of his 1960's collection '$100 Drawings' LeWitt produced a series of maps with large geometric shapes cut out of them. His drawing 'The Area of Manhattan between the Places Where I Have Lived Is Removed' consisted of an aerial view of Manhattan with the area between the places he had lived in NYC cut out.

You can now create your own LeWitt inspired map using Matt Miller's Between the Places. Between the Places is an interactive map tool which allows you to create your own cut-out map of a town or city based on the places that you have lived. Just enter three or more addresses into Between the Spaces and it will create your very own LeWitt Map - a map with a gap showing the area between the places that you have lived.

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