Thursday, December 10, 2020

Mapbox 3D in 3D

If you have been enjoying viewing maps in 3D using version 2 of Mapbox GL JS then you might also enjoy the 3D Stereoscopic Anaglyph and Crossview Map.

A 3D anaglyph image works by placing two images of the same thing, taken one eye width apart. One of the images is tinted red and the other blue. The two images are then superimposed on top of each other. When you then look at your anaglyph image with 3D anaglyph glasses the image appears to be in 3D. The 3D Stereographic Anaglyph and Crossview Map works on exactly the same principle. Only in this case we have a red tinted map overlayed on top of a blue tinted map.

I'm not sure how well the 3D view actually works. To view the map in 3D you need 3D glasses (glasses with one blue and one red lens). I don't own any 3D glasses so I can't attest to how good the map looks in 3D.  If you also don't own any 3D glasses you can still enjoy the Crossview map view. In order to view the maps in Crossview you don't need 3D glasses and only need to cross your eyes and then stare intently at your screen.

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