Thursday, December 24, 2020

Hunting the Xmas Elves

This year all Santa's elves are having to work from home. Unfortunately Santa's Human Resources Department has somehow managed to lose the home addresses of all the Christmas elves. This makes it very difficult to deliver the wish lists from the children of the world to Santa's little helpers. Luckily Santa does remember some of the world famous landmarks near where his many elves live.

Your job is to use the Save Christmas interactive map to find Santa's elves and help save everyone's Christmas. Santa will give you a clue to the whereabouts of each elf. You just need to find the correct location on the map and then find the elf on Google Map's Street View. If you can't find an elf straight away then you can ask Santa for another clue. If you still can't find the elf you can skip forward and search for the next elf instead.

There are five elves to find in total. Good luck with your search and I hope you manage to save Christmas!

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