Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Interstate Highway Transit Map

For the last nine years Cameron Booth's Transit Maps blog has been reviewing the design and effectiveness of transit maps created by transport networks around the world. He also occasionally features his own transit network maps.

Sometimes Cameron creates transit diagrams for networks which don't strictly fall within the normal bounds of a transit map. For example Cameron's Interstates as a Subway Map is a diagram of the U.S. interstate highway network created in a style more commonly used for subway maps. It uses the language of subway maps to create a very handy and easy to read diagram of America's vast interstate highway network. 

Cameron has recently updated the map to include a number of new additions to the U.S. interstate highway network. He has also used a few new design principles in the new map. You can read more about the map and how it was made on Cameron's blog post, Project: Interstate Highways as a Subway Diagram, 2020 Revision.

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