Monday, August 09, 2021

Bike Collisions in London

Every week the Makeover Monday community works on creating data visualizations of a different data set. This week the community is working on visualizing London's Bike Collisions in London (2005-2019). This means that if you explore the Twitter hashtag #MakeoverMonday over the next few days you will find lots if links to interactive maps which show where and when bike accidents occurred on London's roads from 2005-2019.

Most of the visualizations, like Michelle Frayman's Cycle Danger in London, use interactive maps to visualize London's bike collisions. Many of these maps breakdown the bike collisions by borough to reveal that Westminster is the most dangerous borough (in terms of the total number of bike collisions 2005-2019). I like Michelle's visualization because she also looks at when bike accidents occur. Her analysis of the data by time reveals that 8 am is when the most accidents happen and July is the most 'dangerous' month (although the data isn't normalized by the amount of bike traffic and I suspect these trends reflect the number of bikes on the road during rush hour and during the summer months). 

Takafumi Shukuya's Bike Collisions in London orders the top ten boroughs in terms of severity, allowing you to explore which ten boroughs had the most fatalities (Westminster & Hackney), the most 'serious' accidents (Westminster) and the most 'slight' accidents (Westminster).Takafumi's visualization also allows you to view a zoomed in map of each of the most dangerous boroughs, allowing you see which roads in each borough had the most bike accidents.

You can already find many more interactive map visualizations of the London bike collisions data under the Twitter hashtag #MakeoverMonday. As the day progresses I suspect even more will be created and linked to on Twitter using the #MakeoverMonday hashtag.

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