Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Exploring the Underbelly of Pixlton


There is something weird and foreboding about the town of Pixlton. I'm not sure if it is the suicidal cows or the town's permanent fog which scares me the most. Of one thing I am sure. I wouldn't want to live in Pixlton.

If you are intrigued by these strange goings on then you can explore the town further on the Pixlton interactive map. Pixlton is a digital town inhabited by the Pixls, a small community of pixelart characters living in a pixleart town. The map of Pixlton includes a number of map markers which provide more information about the town and its inhabitants.

The main purpose of the Pixlton interactive map seems to be to encourage uses to buy NFTs for the Pixl characters. The Pixls are digital collectibles which you can trade and sell. I really like the idea of the Pixlton interactive map. I do wonder however about how many people will love it enough to want to buy a digital certificate saying that they own one of the fictional characters who live there.

Every year at least two people have the bright idea of releasing an interactive map on which people can buy virtual real-estate. Earlier this year the Mapbox Blog reported about Earth2.io, which appears to be another one of these maps which allow people to 'own' virtual land. Selling virtual assets has always seemed like a bit of a grift to me. I think that this is how these maps appear to most people, because none of these virtual real-estate maps has ever managed to stick around for long. Pixlton is a fun fictional interactive map and its creator certainly has the right to try to monetize their project.It will be interesting to see if NFTs actually succeed in helping them to achieve that aim.

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