Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Name that City

Dérive is a map based geography game which requires you to identify a series of city locations based on an unlabelled road map. The name of the game comes from Guy Debord's Theory of the Dérive. A Dérive (Eng: 'drift') is an unplanned journey through a (usually) urban environment. The term is often used interchangeably with 'psychogeography' and often involves randomly exploring a city while assessing how the environment makes you feel (these feelings may be aroused as much by the history of a location and by your own personal memories as by the actual built environment).

In the game you are shown an unlabelled roadmap of a random city. All you have to do is name the city. This can be a little hard, so you are provided with a number of clues. For each city you can discover if it is in the northern or southern hemisphere, whether it is an eastern or western city, which continent it is in and even which country it is in.

There are no points awarded in Dérive. The only thing you can win is the sense of achievement from guessing the city correctly or the disappointment of getting it wrong

If you enjoyed playing Dérive then you might also want to test your geographical knowledge by playing Click that 'hood!

Click that 'hood! is a geography game which tests your knowledge of city neighborhoods. To play Click that 'hood! you first need to select a city or town from the long list of locations available. You are then shown an interactive map of your chosen city. Your task is to correctly identify the location of twenty neighborhoods as quickly as possible by pointing them out on the map.

City-Guesser is another fun map quiz which tests your knowledge of world cities. In City-Guesser you are shown the maps of major cities around the world. All you have to do is name which city is being shown in each map. To ensure that the game isn't ridiculously easy all the place-name labels have been removed from each city map.

If you guess correctly you proceed to the next round. Guess wrong and it is game over. You get points for each correct answer. The game keeps a record of the maximum level you reach (the number of correct answers in one game) and your highest score. Your aim therefore is to beat your own high score and your highest level reached. Or you can try and beat me. So far I've reached level 7

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