Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The Manga Map

Steve Attewell's Manga Map is a Mapbox powered interactive 3D map which has a cartoon like cel-shaded effect.

Cel shading gives an image a flatter look by using limited shading colors and by not using a shade gradient or tints and shades. A cel shading effect is often used to mimic a comic style and to create a paper-like texture. From what I understand Steve's map creates a cel-shading effect not through Mapbox Studio styling but by applying an SVG filter to the map DIV container and by using a background image to create a halftone print effect. The cel-shading technique used is adapted from this impressive cel-shaded filter on video demo

Steve has been having a lot of fun over the last couple of years applying visual effects to interactive maps. You may remember Steve Attewell from such maps as the Camera Lens Effect, the 3D Stereoscopic Anaglyph and Crossview Map, the Stippler Art Effect and the Terrain Elevation Viewer.

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