Tuesday, July 05, 2022

The Changing Face of Australia

Australian men don't do housework. The Australian 2021 census reveals that across Australia women are expected to do the washing, cooking, cleaning and laundry. The census found that in only one postcode area in the whole country (Oodnadatta) are men and women doing equal amounts of unpaid housework. Even in homes where women earn more than men women do more unpaid housework than the men. 

ABC News has used data from the 2021 census to explore how Australian neighborhoods compare. An interactive map in What Australia’s 2021 Census reveals about the changing face of our neighbourhoods allows you to enter your postcode to view local data on the age profile & gender ratio, on people's religions, on country of birth and on the amount of housework carried out by both men & women.

The 2021 census results show that for the first time, first and second-generation migrants to Australia make up the majority of the population (51.5%). If you enter your postcode into the interactive map you can view the neighborhoods of your city colored by the top country of birthplace outside of Australia. In the state capital cities England remains the country of origin (outside of Australia) for the most people.  However each of these cities have areas where migrants from other countries make up the majority of first and second-generation Australians. 

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