Monday, October 03, 2022

Brazil Election Maps

Neither of the two main Presidential hopefuls in yesterday's Brazilian election won enough votes to win outright. Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva, the candidate of the left, won 48% of the votes, while the far-right incumbent Jair Bolsonaro had the support of only 43% of the electorate. Because neither candidate reached 50% of the valid votes they will now face each other in a run-off election in four weeks time.

Bloomberg's Brazil Election Live Results includes an interactive map showing the results of yesterday's election in each state. On this map the winning candidate in each state is indicated by the color of a scaled circle. The size of each circle represents the number of voters in the state. If you hover over a state on the map you can view the number & percentage of votes cast for each of the candidates.

Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo has also published an interactive map of the results. Their Interactive Map of All Cities shows the results down to the city level. Both the Bloomberg and Folha maps reveal a rough north-south split in support for the two main candidates. The incumbent Bolsanoro won most of his seats in the south of the country, while ex-President Lula proved the most popular candidate in most cities in the north. 

The poorer northern regions of Brazil have historically voted in greater numbers for the candidates of the left. The Bloomberg map includes an option to compare this year's election results with the results of 2018 and 2014. This roughly north-south divide in support for the left and right parties is also apparent in the election maps for 2018 and 2014.
You can also see this rough north-south divide on Globo's Brazil Election Map. This interactive map of the Presidential election again shows the results for each individual electoral area. If you click on a seat on the map you can view the number and the percentage of votes made for each candidate.

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