Monday, October 31, 2022

The 30DayMapChallenge is Back

The 2022 30DayMapChallenge begins tomorrow (1st Nov). The idea behind the 30DayMapChallenge is to create a map around a different theme every day of November. You can use any tools or technologies that you want to create your maps (and of course there is no actual requirement that you have to make a map every single day). 

You can view a calendar showing each day's unique theme on the 30DayMapChallenge website. The challenge kicks off tomorrow with the category of 'points'. If you do create a map then you can share it with the world on social media using the hashtag #30DayMapChallenge.

If you would like a little inspiration for your maps then you can refer to the 30DayMapChallenge Portfolio. In the Portfolio section of the 30DayMapChallenge website you can view maps submitted in previous years under each day's theme. The Portfolio includes the maps which received the most likes on Twitter for each day's challenge. 

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