Monday, October 24, 2022

The New Global Air Pollution Report

The Swiss air quality technology company IQAir has released the first major global air quality report using the new air pollution guidelines from the World Health Organization. The 2021 World Air Quality Report tracks the air quality in 6,475 cities in 117 countries.

The IQAir report is accompanied by an interactive map which allows you to view the 2021 PM2.5 average in each city and to view where it ranks in comparison to the other 6,474 cities in the report, based on its levels of air pollution.

In 2021 only 222 cities around the world reported average air quality that would meet the WHO’s guideline for safe PM2.5 levels. Of the world's capital cities New Delhi, India and Dhaka, Bangladesh recorded the average worst air pollution. Bangladesh, Chad and Pakistan have the worst population weighted air pollution levels of individual countries. In the United States Los Angeles has the worst air pollution of the cities featured in the report.

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