Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Declassified US Nuclear Targets

I would love to see a list of Russia's nuclear targets. Although where I live any four-minute warning of an immenient Russian attack wouldn't give me enough time to do anything except say goodbye to the world. 

Unfortunately I can't get my hands on Putin's latest plans for Armegeddon. What I can do is browse through a map of locations chosen as nuclear targets by the United States in the 1950s. The Future of Life Institute has mapped 1100 Declassified U.S. Nuclear Targets. This map shows you all the locations in Eastern Europe, Russia, China, and North Korea targeted by the United States, according to a recently declassified list from 1956. 

The Future of Life Institute has partnered with NukeMap to include an assessment of the possible casualties which could have occurred at each one of these 1100 locations if a nuclear weapon had ever been launched. If you click on one of the marked locations and select the detonate link you can simulate a nuclear explosion at that location. You can even choose what kind of nuclear weapon that you would like to detonate. 

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