Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Real-Time Wind Power Map

Right now around a third of the UK's current electricity is being generated by offshore wind power. In fact more than 20% of global offshore wind capacity is generated in the UK.

You can explore for yourself the current operating status of UK wind farms on the UK Renewables Map. This map shows the live generating output of all the major wind farms in Great Britain, revealing the amount of power currently being generated by each farm and where that generation is happening.

The current MW output of each wind farm is represented on the map by scaled yellow circles. If you click on these circles you view the selected farm's name and graphs showing the historical generating output of the farm. The UK Renewables Map also includes a real-time animated wind layer which shows the current wind conditions around the UK.

The UK Renewables Map is a personal project of Robin Hawkes. The wind data for the map is from Elexon BSC and the animated wind layer is from WeatherLayers.

You can also view the estimated amount of electricity being generated by offshore wind sites across the UK on the Crown Estate's Offshore Wind Electricity Map. On this map each wind farm is represented by a scaled animated wind turbine marker. The size of each marker represents the scale of its current output. If you select one of these markers you can view the name of the wind farm and its current output in megawatts.

The map sidebar shows a dashboard reading of the share of the UK's electricity currently being generated by offshore wind. If you select a marker on the map the dashboard updates to show the name of the selected wind farm and its current output in MW.

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Sean said...

That's a really nice job! I was looking for something like this - Crown Estate's map seems to no longer offer live data? Not sure about using something that gets smaller or larger on a map to represent non-area data, but as to what might be better I wouldn't like to say. Thanks for this.