Tuesday, May 09, 2023

AI Map Search Finds Atlantis

Google Maps is very good at finding your nearest pizza restaurants or cafes. It is not so useful if you want to find a list of the winners of the ugliest building awards or the steepest streets in San Francisco.

AI Search Map by Map Channels is a new interactive map which allows you to search for any term at any location. The map uses ChatGPT to find the most accurate and relevant search results based on your map search needs. It is fantastic at fulfilling all the off-kilter location search queries that Google Maps currently struggles with. 

If you want some ideas of the sort of things that you can search for using AI Search Map here are just a few examples of searches carried out by AI Search Map:

You really can search for nearly anything. You are only restricted by your own imagination and the global crowd knowledge of ChatGPT.

Map Channels has to pay ChatGPT every time that you use AI Search Map. Therefore use of AI Search Map is restricted to registered users (it is free to subscribe). Registered users get 3 free searches per day. Site supporters (paying members) can make 20 searches per day.

All the results of a search carried out on AI Search Map can be downloaded in KML format. AI Search Map is therefore a great resource for finding data for your own interactive maps. You can use it to find data which you can then display and visualize using any of the popular interactive JavaScript mapping libraries.

BTW - AI Search Map locates Atlantis off the coast of the Madeira islands in the Atlantic. Obviously this is unlikely to be the real location of the mythical city of Atlantis. It is therefore worth remembering that AI search is still in its infancy and may contain errors (as can any internet search results).

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