Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Streets GL

Streets GL is a new real-time 3D map which shows buildings in 3D and building shadows in real-time, based on the actual time of day.  The map uses OpenStreetMap map and building height data. It also uses real-time flight data.

One of my favorite features of Streets GL is that you can view planes flying around the map in real-time. Zoom in on an airport on the map (such as Heathrow or JFK) and you actually see planes taking off and coming into land based on real air traffic data.

You can rotate the map and adjust the pitch of the map view using your right mouse button (press the 'i' button on the map to get a full list of the mouse and keyboard controls). You can also adjust the height of the map's viewpoint by clicking on the 'settings' button and adjusting the 'vertical field of view'.

You can view the Streets GL repository on GitHub to learn more about the map. According to the project's GitHub description Streets GL is written in TypeScript and uses the WebGL2 API.

Via: OSM Weekly

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