Friday, May 12, 2023

The Folk Music of the World

Carnegie Hall's Musical Explorers Around the World Map allows you to discover and listen to folk music from all corners of the globe. Using the map you can directly listen to bluegrass music from Appalachia, mbira music from Zimbabwe, calypso from Trinidad & Tabago, and lots of other amazing performances of traditional music in countries around the world.

If you click on a marker on the Musical Explorers Around the World Map you can listen to a sound recording of a folk song from that part of the world. You can also watch a video recorded by the musician, in which they introduce themselves and the music that they sing and play. You will also find links to lesson plans related to the selected music tradition. 

As well as being an interacgtive map Carnegie Hall's Musical Explorers Around the World is also a free curriculum designed to connect students in grades K–2 to rich and diverse musical communities around the world. The lessons in the curriculum introduce students to the music traditions of many different cultures while building and reinforcing fundamental music skills, such as listening, singing, and moving to music. 

Each unit includes a variety of resources for teachers and students, including: lesson plans, actual music recordings of the songs, sheet music, activity sheets and other supplemental materials.The program also culminates in an interactive concert experience, during which students celebrate what they've learned by singing and dancing along with their new favorite artists.

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Folk music serves as a bridge between generations, preserving cultural heritage and connecting people through shared experiences and emotions. It's a testament to the power of music to capture the essence of a community's history and identity.