Monday, May 22, 2023

Explore the World with Shadows

Chee Aun's Deck.GL with Google Maps Photorealistic 3D Tiles Demo is a demonstration of Google's new 3D map tiles with a few added special effects. Using this map you can explore the world in 3D with building shadows, post-processing effects and an interesting ink effect.

This month Google released the new Photorealistic 3D Tiles option at its annual I/O conference. It allows developers to create 3D maps using a 3D Tiles renderer, such as CesiumJS or Using your choice of 3D Tiles renderer you can access Google's photorealistic tiles simply by specifying the Photorealistic 3D tileset URL.
Chee Aun's demo map uses the new 3D map tiles with deck,gl. It then uses's SunLight function to add shadows to the map's 3D buildings. The map includes a time of day slider which allows you to view how building shadows move over the course of the day. Chee's map also uses's PostProcessEffect function to brighten the colors of the 3D map tiles and to create a cool ink effect view.


rivest266 said... is not working

Keir Clarke said...
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Keir Clarke said...

@rivest - It is working for me. I think that Google has been limiting the number of views per day for the Photorealistic 3D map tiles. It is possible that this map reached that limit for the day.