Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Track and View the ISS with Google Maps

The Universidad Complutense de Madrid has created an ISS Real-Time Map to track in real-time the position of the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth.

The map shows in real-time the position of the ISS with a red polyline showing the station's path for the current day. The university has also created an OpenStreetMap that shows the future paths and times of the space station over Spain.

Astro Viewer also provide a real-time Google Map of the ISS. Astro Viewer not only allows you to view the current position of the ISS but also allows you to view a list of the next sighting opportunities for your location, with a visibility indicator that predicts the brightness of the ISS on its pass.

If you are keen to view the International Space Station with your own eyes then SightSpaceStation is a great guide to where you should look in the sky. SightSpaceStation allows you to view a Google Map of the location of lots of satellites.

The application includes a Street View option that allows the user to view a chosen satellite superimposed on top of Google's Street View imagery. This is really useful as it shows the direction and the elevation of the satellite as it passes overhead.

Using SightSpaceStation you can find out exactly where you should be looking to view the ISS as it passes overhead.

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