Friday, August 09, 2013

And lo a child was born

A few weeks ago two people had a baby and some other people got a bit excited by this miraculous event. For those of us living in the UK it was hard to avoid the endless news items about the birth of Prince George. Judging by this Prince George Twitter Map in many other parts of the world it was also hard to avoid endless chatter about this baby.

The map shows some interesting results. Obviously in the UK, as subjects of the crown, we are legally obliged to post our congratulations to our royal overlords. It is therefore not surprising that Twitter heats up the UK on the map. It is surprising that the republican United States also seemed to get into a bit of a tizzy over news of this royal birth. Meanwhile their northern neighbors in Canada, where the Queen still rules as head of state, the news seems to have been greeted with a bit of a collective 'meh'.

News of a new royal baby seemed to be almost entirely ignored in Eastern Europe, seemed to cause a bit of stir in Southeast Asia and also woke up all those elderly UK retirees residing in the south of Spain.
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