Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Viewing GIS Data on Google Maps

Gmap4 is a general purpose REST and WMS viewer that is built on the Google Maps API. The service allows users to view GIS data on top of a choice of base maps.

Gmap4 differs from most other REST/WMS viewers as it is a web app. There is nothing to download and nothing to install. A Gmap4 link identifies the GIS data that will be displayed. All the user of that link has to do is click the link to view the data. This makes it very easy to deliver WMS and/or REST data to the public.

Gmap4 includes detailed instructions about how you can add GIS data and how to create a shareable link for your map view. Here's a quick link to the How to Make a Link section in the Gmap4 instructions.

Gmap4 can display multiple layers from multiple WMS (1.3.0 and 1.1.1) and/or REST servers. After the map opens the user can turn layers on/off one at a time or all together. The stacking order for transparent layers can also be changed.

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