Friday, August 16, 2013

India's Startup Scene on Google Maps

Represent Map has created what now seems to be almost the default template for mapping local tech startup communities. Nearly every map of local tech scenes that I see now seems to be built with the Represent Map library. Here are a couple more Google Maps, built with Represent Map, that are mapping the developing startup scene in India. is a map of startup companies in Mumbai.

The map displays the location of Mumbai's burgeoning startup scene, including tech companies, coworking spaces and hacker-spaces. The markers on the map are categorised by type of company and the results shown on the map can be used be filtered by using the links in the map sidebar.

Mapped India is a Google Map showing the location of India's startups, investors and hacker spaces.

The map can be searched by location and by category. If you select a company's marker on the map you can view a brief outline and click through to visit the company's website. Users can add missing new technology companies to the map by completing and submitting a brief form.
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