Monday, March 08, 2021

California's Healthy Places

The Public Health Alliance of Southern California has created an interactive map which can help Californian residents explore the local conditions which can influence health outcomes. The California Healthy Places Index (HPI) rates the local factors across the state that help determine life expectancy and compares the different community conditions that influence people's health. 

The HPI interactive map provides neighborhood scores and data on different factors which can shape the health of residents, such as housing, transportation and education. Select a census tract on the map and you can view its overall Healthy Places Index score and the individual ratings in eight different categories. The overall HPI score for the census tract is also compared to California as a whole, telling you how many other census tracts in the state have higher healthy community conditions. 

The HPI interactive map also includes the option to rate census tracts from most to least healthy (or vice versa). Select a city on the map and you can view all the city's tracts ranked from most to least healthy based on the Healthy Places Index. For example in San Francisco the healthiest tract is in Potrero Hill and the unhealthiest tract can be found in the Tenderloin.

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