Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Conjoined Twin Towns

Sãotá is a really interesting experiment which merges the map data of two very different cities to create a map of an imagined conjoined city. The map was created by Near Space Interface and combines geodata from the Brizilian city of São Paulo and the Colombian city of Bogotá. 

The new 3D map of the imagined city of Sãotá combines map data from two neighborhoods in Bogotá (La Candelaria and Chapinero) with data from two neighborhoods in São Paulo (Higienópolis, Paraisópolis). You can explore this new city of  Sãotá as an interactive 3D model. You can rotate around this 3D model and even zoom in on details in the 3D models of the city's buildings. 

The 3D map of the city of Sãotá sits underneath a dynamic animated point cloud, which continually flies overhead. This animated point cloud uses data from air pollution sensors situated in Bogotá and from burned area data from the Amazon. The result is an artistic visual metaphor of the environmental health risks which loom over many South American cities.

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