Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Open Street View

KartaView (previously known as OpenStreetCam) is a platform for collecting, viewing and sharing street level imagery around the world. People around the world use KartaView to map street level photographs using the KartaView apps for Android and iOS.

You can explore all the uploaded street level imagery on the KartaView interactive map. Where imagery is available roads are colored blue on the map. You just need to click on a blue road to view the available imagery for that location. KartaView's street level imagery is free to use under an opensource license.

Mapillary is probably the best known platform for capturing and sharing street level geo-tagged photographs. So far Mapillary and its users have collected 1,467,880,551 images around the world. 

The Mapillary interactive map colors roads green to show where street level imagery is available. Click on a green line and you can explore the available street level imagery. Using Mapillary's imagery in your own projects seems to have become a little more complicated since it was taken over by Facebook. I believe you can use the imagery for free in a non-commercial project but have to pay to use the imagery in a commercial product. You can find out more about the terms of use and how to access the imagery at Mapillary Developer Tools

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