Monday, March 01, 2021

Discovering the Northwest Passage

Arctic Fog is a fascinating historical journey into the discovery of the Northwest Passage and the Northeast Passage. The map recounts all the important expeditions carried out by explorers through the ages which eventually lead to the discovery of sea routes from Europe, through the frozen north, to the Pacific and towards Asia.

At the beginning of Arctic Fog you can choose whether you want to discover the Northwest Passage or the Northeast Passage. Choose either of these and you can take an historical journey through all the important and significant expeditions which would lead to the discovery of the chosen passage.Each of these two story maps will take you on a chronological journey through time, exploring in detail all the significant expeditions on the voyage to the discovery of the Northwest and Northeast Passages.

At the beginning of both the Northwest Passage and the Northeast Passage story maps the areas which before their discoveries had been unnaviagable or believed to be impassable are fogged out on the map. As you progress through the timeline the different expeditions reveal new areas of the map. Progress through all the expeditions and the passages are finally revealed on the map.

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