Friday, March 12, 2021

The OSM Ochestra

 OpenStreetMap isn't only the world's leading editable map, it is also a never ending free-form improvised song.

Open up Musical OSM and you can not only watch edits being made to OpenStreetMap in real-time but you can also listen to those edits as they are being made. Musical OSM is an interactive map which shows the locations of edits being made to OpenStreetMap around the world. As each edit is made to OSM the map also plays a single note. Thanks to the huge number of people contributing to OpenStreetMap around the world Musical OSM plays a continually emerging tune, which will play as long as people continue editing OpenStreetMap.

Musical OSM uses code from James Westman's OSM in Realtime map as the basis for the real-time map. The chimes used in the map come from the wonderful Trams of Helsinki map, which is an interactive map showing trams moving around the Finnish capital in real-time. 

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