Monday, March 22, 2021

New York Bike Maps

If you want to cycle in New York then you might find the NYC Bike Map a useful guide to where it is safest to cycle and where you can find places to park your bike.

The NYC Bile Map uses data from NYC OpenData, Citi Bike and elsewhere to map the location of bike lanes, bike racks, bike shelters and biking hazards. Protected bike lanes, which are separated from motor vehicles, are shown on the map with dark green lines. The lighter green lines show on street bike lanes, which are mixed with vehicular traffic. The yellow lines indicate routes which are entirely mixed with vehicular traffic.

Black arrows on bike lanes indicate the direction of travel. Steep hills are shown with red triangles and stairs are indicated with a red stepped symbol. The location of bike racks and bike shelters are shown on the map with their own bike symbols.

Cycling in New York can be dangerous. Especially between 6-7 pm and during the month of September. You can see how precarious it can be to bike in New York on the NYC Cycling Incidents Map.

Each dot on the map shows the location of a cycling accident. The map shows that there aren't many sections of the city's roads where cyclists haven't been injured. The charts and graphs accompanying the map reveal the number of cycling accidents by time of day and by month. You can also click on these charts to filter the accidents shown on the map by time of day and the month of the year.

NYC Bike Maps is another useful resource for New York cyclists. This site includes a number of Google Maps of the city's boroughs, displaying bike lanes, bike paths and other information useful for cyclists.The separate and individual borough maps on NYC Bike Maps are a useful guide to navigating different neighborghoods of the city by bike. There is a also a map of the city's cobble-stoned streets and a handy Five Boro Bike Tour Map. 

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