Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Comparing Map Route Suggestions

Why settle for one suggested route when you can have eight, each one of which is provided by a different routing engine? Request directions from SuperRoute and you can view eight different suggested routes on one interactive map. 

Each one of the eight routes shown on SuperRoute is suggested by a different mapping service, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, MapQuest, HERE, Mapbox, Esri, Azure Maps and OpenRouteService. SuperRoute doesn't just map each suggested route provided by each of these map providers it also gives you data on the distance and the estimated journey time for each of the eight suggested routes. 

The SuperRoute route comparison service was developed by Billy Lo. He explains in his blog post, Is Google Maps Still Offering Me the Best Route?, how the map can be used to explore which of the many different map services offers the best directions service where you live. As Billy explains in his write-up if you live in a big city you might be surprised at how different the routes suggested can be. If you check-out a few routes that you are familiar with you can quickly see which map provider gives the best suggestion in your town or city.

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