Sunday, June 10, 2012

An Improved Running GPS Tracker

WalkJogRun was probably the first application that allowed joggers and hikers to plan, save and share routes with Google Maps.

The WalkJogRun iPhone app has just undergone a major facelift. The new app includes a GPS tracker that is accurate to within 3/100ths of a mile. This major improvement in accuracy means that recorded tracks should be perfectly mapped and the app will return much better statistics, such as distance and speeds covered on a run.

Users of the app can find and create routes, work through one of 23 training plans and track and record runs. 

WalkJogRun also have plans to release an Android version of the application very soon.


Craig said...

3/100ths of a mile? What sort of measurement is that? You mean about 50 meters. How bad was it before if that's an improvement? Most handheld GPS devices are accurate within 5m these days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig- We didn't have a GPS before, the accuracy is an improvement upon other iPhone app GPS trackers that typically are off by a tenth of a mile for every mile that you run.

Craig said...

Maybe the review needs a tweek or two then. To me it implies the GPS itself is accurate to within 50m, but what you're saying means the distance recording is within 50m for every mile you've run.

gsanfast said...

It's possible the particular review requires a tweek as well as a couple subsequently. If you ask me that indicates the particular GPS NAVIGATION alone can be precise in order to in 50m, although precisely what you happen to be declaring implies the distance taking is 50m for each kilometer you've operate.Garmin S3