Friday, June 01, 2012

Tracking Ice Cream Vans on Google Maps

Summer wouldn't be summer without the unbridled joy of the ice-cream van.

Summer also wouldn't be summer without the occasional disappointment of hearing the bells of the ice-cream van, running indoors, scrambling around trying to find your money, running out onto the street again, only to see the ice-cream van disappearing around the corner.

Thanks to Google Maps the sight of small children crying in the street whilst they stare disconsolately after the missed ice-cream should be a thing of the past.

For the Ben & Jerry's Fair Ice Tour 2012 a Ben & Jerry's ice-cream bus is driving around Germany, Austria and Switzerland giving out free ice-cream. To help avoid disappointment the van can be tracked in real-time on a Google Map.

You can even request that the Ben & Jerry ice-cream van visits somewhere near you by making a request on Ben & Jerry's Facebook fan page. 

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