Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Street Musicians of the World

Rhythm of the World is a Google Map of videos of street musicians performing around the world.

So far the map hasn't got many videos but it is still fascinating listening to the different styles of street music around the world. I love the Tibetan buskers and after a couple of listens even the Mongolian throat singers began to grow on me a little.

I'd love to see this map populated with more non-western styles of street music. You can upload videos to the map by completing a short form, so hopefully the map will soon have a few more examples.


Trung Huynh said...

Great idea, i find some very nice videos. Thanks :).

You might be interested in covering http://mostbeautifulplaces.org too. It is a crowdsourced map for beautiful places on earth.

baja ringan said...

yeah, Great, I like it. Thanks for mention it.