Friday, June 22, 2012

Lower Prices for the Google Maps API

Google today released some good news for developers by slashing the charges that apply to the use of the Google Maps API.

The API charges only apply to the top 0.35% of sites regularly exceeding the published limits of 25,000 map loads every day for 90 consecutive days. These charges have now been lowered from $4 per 1,000 map loads to 50¢ per 1,000 map loads.

Google has also eliminated the previous distinction between Styled Maps and regular unstyled maps. The same usage limits and pricing now apply to applications using Styled Maps and the default Google Maps style.

The Google Maps API charges will still not apply to the vast majority of Google Maps API users. If your map does take off and starts to exceed the free 25,000 map loads a day Google will contact you to discuss your options. Your map will not stop working due to a sudden surge in popularity.

Non-profit organisations also remain unaffected by the Maps API usage limits and can apply for a free Maps API for Business license through the Google Earth Outreach grants program.

Via: Google Geo Developers Blog

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