Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Introducing the ikiMap API

Popular Google Maps creation tool ikiMap is marking its two year anniversary by releasing a new version of its service.

As part of the new version release, developers of websites and mobile apps can now integrate very easily with ikiMap through an API. OruxMaps, an app created to draw maps from mobile devices, has been the first site to use the ikiMap API. This means that any map created through this app can be seen directly on the internet through ikiMap.

As well as the release of the API ikiMap also has a brand new design. The new design includes tools that make it much easier to create and publish new maps. The new tools also allow users to manage all their maps from their profile. It is possible to decide how and when maps are published, or even limit the access to maps to your friends and clients through the privacy settings.

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