Monday, June 11, 2012

Tracking the Tardis in Space & Time

In a piece of detective work worthy of Torchwood, Retronaut have managed to sift through thousands of old photographs to track Doctor Who's movements through space and time. Ghost's of the Tardis, 1930-2011 is a record of images of the Tardis found in photographs from the last 80 years.

The dates of the photographs help to track the Doctor in time and Retronaut have used Google Maps Street View to also track him in space. Each photograph has been superimposed on the modern Street View of the location where the picture was shot.

Some will argue that this is just a collection of old photographs of British police boxes. I prefer to believe that this is the best attempt yet to track the Doctor's movements through time & space. Well, the best attempt after the actual BBC documentaries of the Doctor's exploits in all his incarnations.

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