Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Georgia's Energy Data on Google Maps

Georgia Energy Data has created two Google Maps that allow residents to explore the state's electricity and solar energy production.

The Solar Energy Map shows the location of over 1,000 solar installations and companies in Georgia. The map allows users to search for capacity, installer, manufacturer, installation date and more by  county, utility territory and political district.

The Electricity Map displays Georgia’s electric power plants, wind installations and major solar installations. Users can search the map by source, capacity, plant name and by plant owner/operator.

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Southface said...

Thanks for posting our site on Google Maps Mania.

Georgia Energy Data in an initiative of Southface, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that has worked to make communities more sustainable since 1978.

The website has been developed in partnership between Southface and Georgia State University's Geospatial Laboratory.