Monday, April 15, 2013

Mapping the Battle of the Tweets

The Football Tweet Map from the School of Engineering and Geosciences at Newcastle University allows football fans to visualise Twitter activity around English football teams.

There is a lot here to interest English football fans. For example, it is possible to view heatmaps of Tweets mentioning specific teams. The heatmaps provide an interesting visualisation of the geographic spread of a team's support (and yes London reds do exist). 

The menu at the top of the game however lets you actually replay the Twitter activity around specific games (at the moment only three games have been covered). For example, you can view the Tweets from Newcastle and Sunderland fans before, during and after yesterday's North East derby.

I really like the way that important highlights in the game are overlaid on the map showing when the game kicked off, when goals were scored and to indicate half-time etc.

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