Friday, April 19, 2013

Street View Arrives in India

Google Maps has gone for a very low key approach to its launch of Street View in India.

This week some small patches of Street View have appeared on Google Maps in Bangalore. All the imagery appears to me to be in private resorts, hotels, museums and other venues and not on public roads and streets.

Here are the Street View locations I've found so far:

Janapada Loka Folk Museum
Soukya International Holistic Health Center
Olde Bangalore Resort 
Clarks Exotica 
Prakruthi Club & Resort 

If you find any other Street View imagery in Banglaore or other Indian cities post a link in the comments.

Hat-tip: Google Street View World


Anonymous said...

I found some more around Google offices in Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Anonymous said...

I found some in delhi.

Prash said...

Thats not a Street View
Its Google Business Photos project
where business can photograph their places to be shot and uploaded on google maps i worked as photographer for this project its in many cities Hyderabad, bangalore, pune, mumbai, goa, delhi, baroda and now many more.

Anonymous said...

Its listed as street view though

Anil said...

NIT Warangal college campus is also on Google Street View.

SunnyOnHunt said...

lovely professional university too !