Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I'll Name That Street View in Ten

One of my favourite Street View games has been updated with some great new features. Locatestreet presents a series of random Street Views to the user and the player has to guess the country where the image was captured.

There have been a number of similar games in the past that have asked players to guess locations from Google Maps satellite images. Using Street View images instead of satellite images presents a far more interesting challenge in my opinion as the player has far more visual clues from which to work.

The featured terrain, architecture, street furniture, modes of transport all provide clues that can help the player guess the country of origin of the random Street View image. The games also includes three clues for each image, but be warned - if you use a clue you will win less points.

Among the many new features on Locatestreet is the option to play the game worldwide (guess the country) or to play in any country (guess the region) where Google Maps has Street View coverage.

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