Friday, April 19, 2013

Historical Photos of the American Midwest

Historic Natural Disasters is a really interesting project that is using Google Maps and Google Maps Street View to find the modern views of the locations pictured in historic photos from the floods and tornadoes that hit the American Midwest in 1913.

The site allows users to view historical photographs taken in the Midwest in 1913 side-by-side with the view as it is seen today on Google Maps Street View. Each photo also includes a link to a Google Map showing the location of where the photograph was taken.

In order to help geo-tag some of the photographs in their collection Historic Natural Disasters are running a Mapping History contest. To take part in the contest all you need to do is search Google Maps to find a potential, current-day location to match the view shown in the so far unlocated historical photographs. The images are labeled by city, and state, to give you a head start in your search.

When the contest is over, a submission will be drawn at random, and that person will win a $100 Amazon gift code provided by Historic Natural Disasters and

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