Monday, April 29, 2013

The Campaign for Sunny Street View

If there is one major disadvantage to living in London it has to be the almost perpetually oppressive grey skies. Thanks to Here Comes the Sun we lucky cockneys can now at least pretend we live somewhere sunny.

Ian Butterworth noticed that the Street View imagery in London on Google Maps looks a little dull and lifeless. He therefore devised Here Comes the Sun so that Londoners can browse their streets on Street View and see what it would look like if the sun ever shone on their grey city.

The application does a little processing of Street View in the browser to adjust the brightness of the imagery. Unfortunately because of the differences in modern browsers you will probably need to use Google Chrome to view Here Comes the Sun.

On the plus side Here Comes the Sun isn't actually restricted to London and you can use the application to brighten up the Street View imagery anywhere in the world. 

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